Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards

So I'm a little slow. Disney has been putting codes into their DVD and Blu-ray movies for... a while (I have no clue how long) and I just joined the club. I never really paid attention to it before but something made me look it up when I saw the code in Big Hero 6. That "something" probably has something to do with the future trips I'm planning.

So what you do is visit the website, sign up and put in the alpha-numeric code. It gives you points (averages 100) for movies that you own as well as movies you see in theater, surveys that you take, games you play, and bonus points through Facebook. You can then use the points to buy collectibles, movies, and gift cards. There's also some "0 point" free items as well (colouring pages, valentines, that kind of thing). I've been gathering these free items to use in my future trip journal/activity book. 

I've been saving up to buy gift cards for my November Disney World trip. The gift cards are in U.S. funds and can't be used at Canadian Disney stores, just an FYI. I would consider this "free money" because it's a reward for something I've all ready and will continue to purchase regardless.

I currently have $40 in gift cards and hope to get one more before the trip. This money is going to be put towards our planned lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Hollywood Studios. It likely won't cover all the food but it should get a good chunk of it. (I love this restaurant; have you been yet?)

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