Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Books Books Books

A couple times a year I spend many of my evenings looking at books. Why so long? Because the website is HUUUUGE and super cheap. Book Depot is Canadian which is wonderful because not only does it support my country but it also means that shipping doesn't take forever and there's no trying to figure out conversion on cash.. There is an U.S. dollars site with the same books if you're interested.

The books I order are usually $2 and I've only seen the odd book $5 or more. Some books are even $0.35 but you have to buy about 10 (still a great savings). That's some major savings even if you think the book might cost $10 at a major bookstore. There's tons and tons of books on nearly every subject. The only problem is that because it's a bargain store you're not likely to find that season's best read on there, or possibly not all the books in a series. I'm ok with that. I figure if I managed to buy most of my books cheaply I can afford the others at full price. 
You'll probably want to get a couple friends together if you're planning a purchase as the minimum order is $250 if you're getting just 1 copy of each book. At $2 a pop that's a lot of books.

My most recent purchase included Christmas presents for 3 people as well as various children's books for all the people I know having babies. I also snagged some cool cookbooks for future wedding presents. (I keep a giant tupperware container stocked with presents as I usually buy well ahead of time when something goes on sale.) My last order was $252.75 for 102 books plus 10 copies of 2 books. With shipping and taxes ($71.89) I paid a total of $324.64 or about $2.66 a book. While I'm just dreaming while looking this time I have 43 books for $155.70 in my cart this time. That averages $3.60 a book.

While it is a large lump sum I am classifying this post as "budget" because of the large quantity of the purchase and because you get as many people as you like on one order.

The biggest "trick" to the website is to order quick so the books you want don't get old out from under you.

Below are some of the great books I found so far this time. I'm on a kids book kick, can you tell?

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