Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Food Guide

I went to Canada's Food Guide and used their My Food Guide program to see some suggestions. Here's my personal Food Guide. This program has you choose your age and sex then shows a list of the various food groups. It allows you to choose up to 6 options for each food group to help give you ideas. I thought this might be good for me because I always forget how much a serving is. I also tend to go crazy on one food for a couple days (when I'm eating my leftovers).

My suggested daily servings, as a woman 19-30 years old, are: 8 fruits & vegetables, 7 grain products, 2 milk & alternates, 2 meats & alternates.  Below are some possible meals I could have over 3 days. There's breakfast, lunch, supper, and snack.

applesauce                                      yogurt                                          smoothie (yogurt, juice, fruits)
carrots                                            oatmeal (w/ fruits)

naan                                              zucchini muffin                            sandwich (meat, lettuce, tomato
hummus                                        rice                                                       cheese)
carrots                                           peas                                              apple

meatloaf (w/ carrot, celery,          shepherd's pie                                spaghetti
bread crumbs)                              (peas, carrots, meat, potatoes)       tomato sauce (w/ carrots)
tater tots                                       bread                                              garlic toast
peas                                                                                                     cheese

pudding                                        rice cake                                        cucumber                          

 2              :Milk:                            1                   :Milk:                        3
 5              :Veg:                             5                   :Veg:                         6
 2              :Meat:                           1                    :Meat:                       1
 1              :Grain:                          5                    :Grain:                      4

Missing from suggested servings:
3 fruit & veg                                 1 milk                                      2 fruit & veg
7 grains                                         1 meat                                      1 meat
                                                      7 grains                                    3 grain

I usually eat fairly grain heavy meals (not shown above) but I'm not sure if I could hit 7 servings plus 8 fruit & veg servings as well. Though perhaps that's because I need to train my eyes to see serving sizes better. I usually don't eat breakfast and when I do it's fairly simple like pudding or a pop tart.

Do try to follow a food guide? Do you manage to hit the suggested servings each day or do you struggle like I did in my examples? Do you have any tips you can share?

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