Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Use It Up Week

Last week I wandered around my house and wrote down everything I had in the freezer and pantry. I have a lot of stuff so I decided instead of stocking up on my staples again I would use what I have. 

I jotted down my meals so I wouldn't forget and think I have nothing to eat just because I ran out of spaghetti. Writing them down will help me plan for my lunches and alleviate my usual "what will I eat" thoughts for supper. I'll post my meals below the break if you're curious. 

 Do you have "use it up" weeks? Or maybe do you need to do like me and plan one?

What I Bought this week: 6 pack of pop, 7 juice , cooking spray, potatoes. All on sale and some with extra Air Miles. 
Sunday supper & Monday lunch & supper: cornbread with hot dog chunks and cabbage soup

Using up: corn meal, hot dogs, pre-made cabbage soup, frozen carrots, store bought dry "soup mix". I'm also cooking up some dried beans in case I need some later this week. 

Tuesday supper: last of the soup with potatoes added (I was so glad to finally be finished the soup!)

Using up: soup

Wednesday lunch: burrito & rice

Using up: pre-made burrito, rice

Wednesday supper: out to birthday supper with the mama

Thursday lunch: turkey potluck at work- I'm taking potatoes. 

Thursday supper: leftover turkey stuffs

Friday lunch: bought pizza slice (that stuffed crust thing)

Using up: bought pizza slice (that stuffed crust thing) (bet ya didn't see that one coming lol.)

I'm going to continue my Use It Up week onto the next week.

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