Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Greenhouse and Seedlings

For my birthday my mom got me an indoor greenhouse! I had been eyeing it up for about a year but wasn't willing to pay full price for it and never seemed to see it on sale. I told my mom that if she saw it to get it for a Christmas present and forgot about it. Well, she didn't and I got it for my birthday (on sale even)! Isn't she great?

Isn't it pretty?

While I can find room to put some trays to start seedlings with the greenhouse the cat has a tendency to eat them... and I have a tendency to forget about them when they hide in the craft room. Plus, this nicely stacks them.

Everything is starting to pop up and it makes me giddy. And that makes me think I need to get out more... I have 3 trays and on rail-basket in the greenhouse right now. I have another tray to use when I move the rail-basket outside.

I've planted:

-2 kinds of (short) carrots in the rail-basket
-sugar snap peas
-green beans
-soy beans
-lettuce (I'm going to put it in a hanging basket)
-ornamental grass
-pumpkins on a stick
-2 kinds of cherry tomatoes
-2 kinds of pickling cucumbers
-2 kinds of hot peppers

I still need to get some zucchini seeds that mom wants started.  I won't be using all of these seedlings myself but I figured it would be better to have multiple seeds in case some not sprout or don't look healthy. I can also give some away to my friends and family.

I still have quite a wait before I can plant anything outside. I planted them starting March 7th and can't put them outside until the end of May, after our last frost. By then they should be nice and big!

Does anyone have any "must plant" items? I'm hoping to have some stuff growing over the winter as well. I'd love to hear if anyone has any experience with that.

My Greenhouse Part 2

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