Thursday, February 19, 2015

What I Bought

Here's the groceries I bought this biweekly stretch. My biweekly grocery budget is $50. Sometimes I'm under, sometimes I'm over but $50 is what I try to stick to. When looking at the possible meals below, remember that most meals will last me 3 servings.

Each payday, I clean out anything smaller than a loonie left in my cash folders. The change goes in my piggy bank (the Disney souvenir fund) and the rest either stays in its folder or gets moved to "food".

Left over from last time: $2.00

Total budget: $52.00

Total spent = $64.91

Over budget by $12.91

Walmart Feb 14/15

6 pack of pop x 3          $2.97+.72 = 11.07 on sale
Campbells soup x 3      $0.50 = $3.00 on sale
reusable grocery bag    $0.97

         total (with tax) = $15.55

Sobeys Feb 14/15

conditioner                   $3.89
juice  x 4                      $10.00+1.32 = $11.32 on sale
pickles                          $2.88
pudding cups x 3         $0.98 = $2.94
buttermilk                    $2.49+10 = $2.59
macaroni x 5                $1.25 = $6.25 bonus air miles
rice                               $5.88  on sale
chips                            $2.99
powdered milk            $6.99
frozen peas                  $3.29

        total (with tax) = $49.36

How I could have come in under budget: I didn't need the pickles but I wanted them (-$2.88). I could have bought store-brand chips or not bought them(-$1.00 to buy store-brand). I could have put off buying the powdered milk until next time (-$6.99) and the conditioner (-$3.89). I could have bought less pop (-$3.50). If I did these things I would have saved $18.26.

Some meals I can make from the groceries: buttermilk bread, macaroni salad, macaroni soup, canned soup, rice casserole, pudding cups are for breakfast, creamed peas, fried rice  

Staple meals: 
spaghetti (cheese sauce or tomato), macaroni & cheese, rice (with peas/creamed corn/tuna/cabbage), homemade bread, variety of soups, grilled cheese sandwich

A nice bonus:
Sobeys gives air miles with your regular purchase and I also used my new Amex card to get more air miles. My cash budget will be put on my card before my next pay day. I simply transfer the cash from the "food" folder in my purse to the "put on amex" folder. 

This trip I bought 5 smaller boxes of macaroni versus my regular larger box because they had bonus air miles. They also came out cheaper, which is good to know. This would be a time that bulk isn't necessarily better.

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