Sunday, February 8, 2015

DIY Journal

I always take a journal with me when go on trips. I write down things I've done, where I've been, more information on pictures I've taken, and tape various things to the pages (like entrance tickets). My oldest is probably a book that dates back to 2003-ish. I went with a friend and her family to BC and we both wrote in the notebook to a third friend. It's a requirement of any travel purse to fit my book easily.

I've usually taken coil-spine books because it's so easy to slip a pen in the spine. My Disneyland 2014 book didn't have the best spine but it did have a a lovely pocket at the page for me to slip bus tickets, etc that held our reservations.

I've been slowly gathering activity pages to occupy myself and my friends on my 2015 Disney trips. I've gathered themed colouring pages, mazes, and other random games to keep us from being bored on the plane and in the park lines. I had originally thought that I would buy some little notebooks and simply glue the pages in but then I saw this wonderful tutorial about how to using a sewing machine to make your own custom notebook.

I think she's so smart for doing this. I never would have thought of it! Click the link to visit Crate Paper's page. DIY Notebook

I think my friends would love a book like this from me. Not only do we love to play board games but it makes for a cheap and easy souvenir as you can also collect autographs and stamps from Epcot in it.

Do you know someone that might like their own notebook?

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