Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Around the Block

A friend of mine set off on an adventure of a life time in the summer. He's loaded up his motorbike and is off to see The Wizard... I mean, The World! His name is Michael and we worked at the movie theater together. 

He left Alberta August 2014 and made his way to B.C. to visit from friends and family before heading into Washington. Then onto Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for Christmas. As of writing this he had traveled through most of Mexico, I imagine on his way to Guatemala.

In his travels he's met some very interesting people and done some very unique things.
He's had the chance to meet people that have a RV Gypsy wagon with a giant glass front, sleep in a adult-sized tree-house, help turn an empty city lot into a garden, and see some amazing scenery.

He posts episodes (videos) of what he's done and who he's met so we can see what he's doing as well as follow along on the map. As of writing this he had episode 87 Teotihuacan up.

Check out what Michael is up to for yourself! Feel free to drop him a line. If he's heading towards your area, give him a shout, he'd love to meet you! Around the Block with Michael Ryan Leinweber. If you prefer Facebook you can find him here.

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